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Found Photos

Found photos
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
found photos
A community dedicated to posting found photos.


  • This is a place for found-photos only. There are other communities to post your artwork.
  • State where you found the photographs. (i'll be forced to reject entries that don't specify the location of where the photograph was found) Found in the attic. found in a old diary. etc.
  • Post that contain videos will be rejected.
  • Post that contain self-promotion will also be rejected
  • Do not post pictures that you've copied from other sources.
  • Entries are moderated - meaning I have to accept them before they post to the community.
  • Post that contain nudes, multiple images, or large images use a lj-cut.
  • Need a place to upload pictures? Try these sites. photobucket, tinypic, and flickr.
  • if a entry is rejected, please review all the rules again.

drama, questions, comments, and suggestions.Comment here.

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