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Garden Party

I found this photo at an antiques shop in Delaware, USA.

As a gardener myself, I love the details in this scene: the geraniums, the sweet peas on string trellises, the woven cane roll-shade to keep the porch cool, the older lady's geometrically patterned hem, and everyone's pale clothing.
I just wish I knew what the occasion was!  :)


The Martins.

First time posting, but recently my grandmother died which motivated me to scan some old family photos. I picked these ones because I thought they were especially cute and will most likely post more later.

This is my Grandma and Grandpa, Leila and Peter. circa 1930 in Milford, UT. USA
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Wind-up Clock

A noble old dog and his lady loves ...

After enjoying the entries on this site for several months now, I have finally decided to post some of my own found treasures. This is a series of photos from the same family, which I discovered in a dusty corner of one of our local antique stores and promptly added to my adopted photographic family. They all feature the same old dog, who I have decided to call St. George ... he really does have such a noble expression, even when licking his chops!

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Mystery Italian (probably) locations

ptitza often brings my attention to photographs from Russian archives featuring unidentified locations. They are great fun to ponder over and we've managed to solve many of them. This set appears to feature the same group of turn-of-the-century tourists at Italian locations. So far we've identified a couple of them as buildings in Pompeii. It is interesting to see Pompeii freshly exposed to the weather and weeds.
Legs are serious business

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Hi there foundphotos !

I've been looking at everyone's amazing posts, wishing I had something to share, but now I do!

Found an album in the storeroom with what looks like photos from the turn of the century (well some).
Confirmed with my grandparents that these were my ancestors. (:

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