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17 March 2010 @ 11:33 pm
First post!!  
 Hi all! I've watched this community for a while now and I finally have something to contribute! I know how much I love pictures with stories, so under the cut are three photos from my family that have stories that go along with them. My paternal grandmother loves cooking and recently made a family cookbook complete with traditional recipes that our family has made for generations. These are a few photos that she found when doing research and thought they would go along nicely with some of the recipes!

This is a photograph of my great grandmother, Anna (my paternal grandmother's mother). Family called her Nan, and although I never met her, I've heard great stories that she was a wonderful cook and baker. She married my great grandfather, Rudy Heinselman, after she traveled from Bavaria, Germany to Groom, Texas as a young woman working as a housekeeper for wealthy people. While in Texas, she learned the Tex-Mex cuisine and later moved to Philadelphia (where our family lives now) to work for a Jewish family. After she had my grandmother (Gloria), she finally had her dream house and dream gardens [pictured here]. According to my grandmother, Rudy and Nan were very proud of the lemon tree pictured in the photo. They had grown it from a Florida seedling. Imagine, a citrus tree growing in the city of Philadelphia!!

This is a photograph of my great grandparents (Elise Brosious née Bender and Bill Brosious) and my paternal grandfather (in the middle, Robert Brosious, Sr.). The Brosious family had arrived in America from the Alsace-Lorraine part of Germany in the 1740s on the ship Lydia and eventually settled in Dalmatia, Pennsylvania. This picture shows my grandfather and his parents in their carriage on their homestead in Dalmatia. When I last visited Dalmatia for my great grandmother Elsie's funeral, I was surprised to see that a majority of the gravestones are still of the Brosius family.

This photograph is a picture of my father, Robert Brosious, Jr. in a homemade Halloween costume. There isn't much of a story around this photo, I just think it's adorable to see my dad dressed like this. He really hasn't changed much; he's still a big clown. Heres him and me after my undergraduate grad ceremony:

Thanks for looking!!
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bambimaukette on March 20th, 2010 10:30 pm (UTC)
That photo of your father is really pretty, I wish I had more of my father but he was terribly shy as a child!
Thanks for sharing something about your family ^^